Day 647–Free Makes Everything Taste Better

Today was a perfect, slow, lazy day off.  And by day off I mean for Abby…I’m not sure I have days off or days on right now.  I did finish a lot of school work and continue chipping away at Fall Retreat stuff though.  So at least I was productive?

Abby managed to watch Harry Potter 1 and 2 today, meaning I know exactly how all free time will be spent until she plows through the next six movies.  That’s okay though…could be Twilight.

Breakfast–Regular Lucky Charms.  I know…breaking the routine.  I decided to save the last of my chocolate goodness for dessert purposes, should the occasion arise. Like tomorrow.

Lunch–An omelette made with onion, jalapeno, asparagus, and leftover hamburger from the other night.  It was glorious…until later on when I was “reminded” that I ate asparagus.  Still freaks me out even though its happened for years.  Silly amino acids.

Snack–Fiber One bar.  I wanted froyo, but Abby talked me out of it by being lazy.  Good unintentional save Abs.

Dinner–Hot dogs. FREE hot dogs.  They came as a “buy this, get this free!” deal at HEB, and they were pretty good to start with, but the free made them that much more delicious.  I made some sriracha ketchup, little squirt of mustard, and some candied jalapenos and had me a feast.

Dessert–I guess you could call it that…Cherry Dr Pepper from Sonic.  Delicious.

Tomorrow we have conditioning, meeting with Jason about retreat, greatness for dinner, and Abby starts at a new practice.  Busy Thursday!

Have a good one.


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