Day 644–Kristin!

Family is terrible for my waistline, and I don’t think I’m alone.  Tonight at the St. Germains we were sitting around talking about how when family visits, it seems like all we do is eat. And eat. And eat.  I’m not sure whether this is the Church of Christ part of my DNA where everything is centered around food, or the Southern part of me where everything is centered around food, or the cook/baker part of me where everything is centered around food.  Moral of the story is that I’m in trouble.

In non-food news, it rained today.  And by rained, I mean POURED.  There’s a bayou out our back windows, and it went from a creek to a full-fledged river and back in the span of two hours.  Kind of impressive, definitely worrisome.  Thankful for a third-floor apartment, especially for the rainy season coming up!

Breakfast–I actually ate breakfast on a Sunday. Because I’m a glutton.  Count Chocula for breaking the fast. (I Freudian-ly wrote “breaking the fat” the first time.  I really need to do better.)

Lunch–BBQ with Kristin!  Abby’s awesome cousin was kind enough to grace us with her presence today, and since she lives in DC we decided to treat her to good Texas food, and that meant barbecue.  I had ribs and turkey with okra.  It was delicious…some of the best ribs I’ve had, which may not be saying much, but they work for me.

Snack–I managed to gain Kristin’s blessing in our marriage by wooing her with my cooking, so I made her chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies.  And then ate a bunch.

Dinner–Beans, only without cornbread because I’m a moron.  Pinto beans with some crisped bacon and chorizo and then sauteed onion and one spicy jalapeno.  Good, cheap meal.

Conditioning tomorrow…I need to run more than they do!

Have a good one.


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