Day 643–Vacuum

Sorry its been a few days.  Here’s a brief recap:

I’ve watched: A lot of tv, most of it bad sports.  If it wasn’t for Eddie Johnson’s head (if you have to ask, you don’t care enough to get the answer) it would be another sportspocalypse.  I watched less than one-half of one quarter of the Red River Shootout today. It was a mess.

I played: Laser Tag with the youth group tonight. It was a lot of fun but being 6’3″ and trying to hide doesn’t work very well.  I got blown up a lot.

I cooked: Some really cool cookie-muffin things (cookie dough, shoved into a mini muffin tin and baked until set on the outside, but warm and gooey in the middle. Amazing.) along with some GREAT fried “rice” last night (used farro instead of rice. Delicious) and taco salad tonight.

I ate: Everything in sight. I could. Not. Get. Full.  It felt like I was a vacuum, eating everything around me and then going back for more.  Even with whole grains and vegetables and water and tea and even some bread, I just couldn’t fill ‘er up.  It was really frustrating and I’m sure will reflect poorly on the scale when Tuesday rolls around.  I’m kind of dreading it.  Luckily I’ve got a day of soccer conditioning between now and weigh-in time, so hopefully that’ll sweat out some of the junk.

So there you go.  My apologies again for leaving you all hanging…I know you couldn’t sleep without knowing all the tedious minutiae I go through each day.

Breakfast–Count Chocula!  I couldn’t ever find it in stores, and thanks to Halloween (yet another reason to adore Autumn) its back on shelves and readily accessible.  (Real time status update: THE YANKEES LOSE! Woohoo!)

Lunch–Two peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches.  Still one of the most pure and amazing flavor combinations ever.  And I’m not saying that because I’ve been watching Good Eats obsessively lately and I’m a huge Alton Brown fan.

Dinner–Taco salad, although to make it interesting/cheaper I diced up a red potato and threw it in with the taco meat.  It made for a great texture variant and of course made the taco meat go further.  I also doctored up some black beans with a little jalapeno, sauteed onion, cumin, salt, and ancho chile.  Great meal…one of our classic standbys.

Dessert–A Route 44 Cherry Dr Pepper so I could stay awake for Laser Tag.  I’m old.

Church tomorrow, Texans football (gag) with the friends, and Kristin will be here!

Have a good one.


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