Day 640–Conditioned

Today marked the official beginning to my coaching regime.

Due to TAPPS rules and whatnot, if I’m officially coaching, I can only be with the players for 42 minutes, or the length of one class period.  I decided to use that little time to get in some conditioning and agility today in preparation for the start of real practice in 2.5 weeks and games in a month and a half.  Sent out the message, talked it up, reminded everyone and at 3:45 we had a grand total of four kids that showed up.

Inauspicious beginnings indeed.

A fifth showed about 10 minutes into it, and while the turnout wasn’t exactly uplifting, the workout itself was.  A bunch of old football drills, some creativity, and even in 42 minutes I was able to get some great work done.  It’ll be interesting to see how much better prepared the kids that come to these “voluntary” workouts are than those that elect to skip/are too lazy.  I’m excited to get the ball (futbol even) rolling on this season!

Breakfast–Guess.  It rhymes with Hawklette Ducky Alarms.  And it’s delicious.

Lunch–Some beef brats, sliced into rounds, sauteed with onions, poblano peppers, and a dash of sriracha, all piled into hollowed out hoagie rolls.  GREAT lunch, and really cheap too.

Dinner–Pasta, whole wheat penne variety, with sauteed broccoli and onions and some bacon.  Kind of a riff on pasta carbonara, only without the cream or egg yolk or peas.  So…not at all.

Dessert–Chocolate peanut butter cookies. Amazing.

Confession time…I weighed in yesterday and forgot to report in.  224.8, so progress was being made before today’s gluttony.  I also ate an entire Reese’s Sonic Blast yesterday and forgot to mention it in the food log, so my apologies.  I don’t aim to deceive.  Usually if I’ve been a bad boy I just “forget” to post, but I’m trying to hold myself accountable again. We’ll see how it goes.

Physicals tomorrow for life insurance (yay…) and then dinner with the St. Germains, Toys, and Gutowskys (yay!).

Have a good one.


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