Day 639–Signs

Throughout college, I kept asking God for signs that what I was doing was the correct path.  Usually I got those signs, whether it be a vote of confidence from a professor or a grade on a test or even negative feedback from the ministry community.  I still firmly believe I was supposed to get my degree in Biology, even if I’d never use it, for a specific reason.  What that reason is (meeting Abby, not getting jaded in ministry classes, just knowing something else) I haven’t a clue.  But I have faith that all worked out like it was supposed to.

Today I had lunch with Mark Howell, the preaching minister at Sugar Grove and a man I respect tremendously for his energy and biblical knowledge.  While ranging over a variety of topics, he asked me why I had been so stubborn with Biology and I gave him the reasons mentioned above.  He also inadvertently reaffirmed that ministry is what I’m called to do throughout the meal by giving some of those same signs…a vote of confidence about the upcoming Fall Retreat, pointing out spiritual gifts that he sees as “obvious” that I sometimes lose sight of, even just the simple act of saying how glad the church is that Abby and I are back.  He even managed to throw in a comment about me losing weight. Well done Mark…well done.

Breakfast–Chocolate Lucky Charms.  Let me repeat that for you, only slower: CHOCOLATE. LUCKY. CHARMS.  They’re pretty much the best cereal ever.

Lunch–Gringo’s with Mark.  I had a bowl of tortilla soup, and the best part is that I was talking so much I hardly ate any chips and salsa, nor did I plow through my usual 5 glasses of citrus tea.  It was more like 3 this time. Success!

Dinner–Soy-sriracha burgers and sweet potato pop chips.  Deliciousness.

Dessert–Another bowl of cereal.  I’m kind of obsessed.

Tomorrow we start conditioning and I get to write a serious essay about Song of Solomon.  Should be a challenging day.

Have a good one.


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