Day 637–Settling In

This weekend actually felt like a weekend.

Because of Abby’s schedule, our Wednesdays and Thursdays usually feel like Saturdays and Sundays, which can really throw me off my game when it comes to remembering what day it is or when I’m supposed to do something.  Usually each week feels like a metaphorical Thursday over and over again–almost to the “weekend” but not quite.  It has a weird effect on the psyche, I can tell you that much.

However, Abby went out of town this weekend to get her hair done in Canton (it looks amazing–I’m a lucky man) and therefore didn’t come home from work Saturday night, so I got up, went to the Farmers Market, made lunch, ran errands, cleaned up a bit, and watched college football/movies all night.  It was…nice.  I don’t want to do it very often because being alone in the apartment with the crazy gato isn’t all that fun, but being able to recalibrate will pay dividends this week when things start to get a little crazy.

I hope.

Breakfast–Again, breakfast on Sundays just doesn’t happen for me.  I’m not proud of it.

Lunch–I was craving Pei Wei, but since we’re being all thrifty and stuff, I behaved and just made my own asian food.  I made a broth out of chicken broth, soy sauce, ginger, brown sugar, and a splash of rice wine vinegar and then cooked up some farro in it, adding sauteed peppers, onions, potatoes, jalapenos, and leftover skirt steak from earlier in the week.  It was REALLY good, and WAY too much food. I know this because I ate all of it and promptly fell asleep.

Dinner–Domino’s at Life Group.  I really don’t like Domino’s. At all. But tonight it didn’t suck as bad as usual…so there’s that.

Dessert–An apple and a bit o’ caramel.

“Practice” tomorrow and some grocery shopping, and bonus time with the wifey due to a temporary change in her schedule.  I’m glad she’s back!

Have a good one.


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