Day 635–Testing Julia Child

Julia Child said you can tell the quality of a restaurant and/or cook by its roast chicken.  Coincidentally, one of the things I’ve always been terrified to cook (for no real reason) is roast chicken.  That all changed a week or so ago when I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. It wasn’t a complete success, but it also wasn’t a disaster. There was enough success to try again tonight…which was AWESOME.  Photographic proof below (and yes, that’s pre-roasting):


The second success today was a recalibration of my weight-loss journey, which has now gone on long enough to be considered an odyssey.  I’ve plateaued, I’ve gained, I’ve lost, I’ve see-sawed…and I’ve said this before, but I do better when goals are involved.  When I had my #215by219 goal, I lost weight.  When I wanted to be down to 210 by Disney, I lost weight.  When I stopped doing those, I gained weight, to the tune of being back up to 226. Disaster.  So new goal: I want to be at 213 by 2013, which hopefully my new coaching gig will help out with.  So here we go…213 by 2013. Let’s do this.

Breakfast–Admittedly, this was not a good start. In my defense, I had this little goal revelation this afternoon so I’d already screwed up by then, but breakfast was a cookie.  A freakishly delicious cookie–the cookie recipe of my Grandmother Frankie Parker, an amazing baker–but still a cookie for breakfast.

Lunch–A pita, cut in half, stuff with a BLP: bacon, lettuce, and pickled vegetables of various types (jalapenos, onions, bell pepper, poblano pepper).  Pretty darn good, and it helped clear out the fridge a bit.  On the side I had some sweet potato Pop Chips. Those things are GOOOOOOD.

Dinner–The aforementioned roasted chicken, with some roasted carrots, leeks, broccoli, and onions underneath.  Such a great meal.

Dessert–Abby is leaving this weekend to get her hair did, so we had a goodbye date.  FroYo at the Orange Leaf, a really good place pretty close to our apartment.  I had brownie batter (wow) swirled with cookies and cream with sprinkles on top.  Fantastic way to end the day.

Tomorrow I hit up the Imperial Farmers Market with Casey and then entertain myself for the 36 hours after that.

Have a good one.



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