Day 633–Rosenberg

Ever had a really good day, where things seemingly always go right, and then you innocently turn on the television and your day is just ruined?

Welcome to Presidential Debate #1.

Abby and I went to Rosenberg today, a small town southwest of Houston, in search of two important things: quilting fabric and tamales.  We found the tamales; the fabric was a bust.  I call that a win.  Amazingly, we ate lunch around 1 pm and close to 8 hours later I wasn’t that hungry at all.  Bob’s Taco Station is worth the drive if you live here in H-town and haven’t been.

Church tonight was fun–we talked about the Avengers, how great is that?–although getting hammered in ping-pong is never fun, even though its an increasingly common experience.  I really enjoy having Sugar Grove back in my life…its wonderful to have a place where I feel comfortable to center and re-center myself during the week.

And then, of course, we came home and turned on the debate. I hate politics.

Breakfast–Wafflewich!  The Return of the Wafflewich! Peanut butter and strawberry-mango jelly.  Remember this combination…it’ll be back.

Lunch–Bob’s.  Three chorizo and potato tacos and a pork tamale.  Admittedly, three was too much. WAY too much.  But I had La Popular from Abilene in my mind and misjudged the size of the tacos, as well as the proportion of potato-to-chorizo in the taco.  There was a LOT of chorizo…a lot. Like…oof.  Great meal though…well worth the trip.

Dinner–A peanut butter and jelly sandwich to close out the day, with peanut butter and strawberry-mango jelly.  The last of the strawberry-mango jelly, that I will miss greatly, but its just too freaking expensive.  It was a good run.

Tomorrow we get to yell at our apartment manager once again! Yay!

Oh…and hang out with the Toys and St. Germains. That’ll be nice too 🙂

Have a good one.


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