Day 632–Brussel Sprouts Edition

Yeah…I bought Brussel sprouts today. On purpose. And I’ll be eating them.

In my ongoing attempt to act like its fall regardless of the lack of seasons in Houston (it got down to the low 80s today…cold front!) I’ve started embracing winter produce again.  Leeks, broccoli, sprouts, and soon I’ll be sprinkling squash and other root vegetables into the equation.  Yet another reason I love the cooler months.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I’ll be eating them with bacon.  I’m not a savage.

Breakfast–Granola, in attempt to fuel up before a workout that never happened.  I’m still sore from yesterday’s festivities, so I just did a bit of stretching to try to work some of the lactic acid out.  I feel much better now.

Lunch–I broke down and had Wendy’s.  Part of the issue with eating healthy and thrifty is that we have a lot of great staples in the house, but they can get repetitive over the course of 14 meals throughout a week (lunch and dinner).  I found some cash in a jacket pocket I organized (again…I love cooler months) and decided to treat myself to a spicy chicken sandwich and fries.  And then, as Murphy decrees it, we got a Wendy’s coupon in the mail for a free version of what I ordered. Stellar.

Dinner–Beans and cornbread.  I sauteed some Spanish chorizo and bacon pieces together, drained off (and stored) most of the fat, then added finely diced poblano and bell pepper as well as onion, caramelized them, and mixed it all into pinto beans alongside honey-cayenne cornbread muffins.  Pretty awesome meal.

Dessert–Banana-chocolate “ice cream.” Frozen bananas and chocolate sauce blended together until creamy and ice cream-like.  A nice sweet way to end the day.

Church and more adult junk tomorrow like insurance and paying bills.  Church will be fun…the other, not so much.

Have a good one.



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