Day 631–Pickup

I learned a valuable physical lesson today: In my advanced age, I can still throw. I cannot, however, still run.

Westbury had the afternoon off due to teacher inservice (really glad I don’t have to deal with that…) so I called an impromptu meeting of the soccer team.  Unfortunately, it was so impromptu that not many got the message/could come/cared enough to show up, so for a while it was me and three players.  Thankfully, some of the other Westbury kids saved our bacon and came over to the park to play a little pickup football.  It was a lot of fun, but man I’m slow, and it didn’t help that I wasn’t wearing cleats (wasn’t expecting to be running that much) so there were a few moments where I thought I was going to lose a groin muscle or two.  I’ve pulled a groin once in my life, and it hurt badly enough that I’ll be cleating up from here on out, just as a precaution.

While my legs may not be in vintage mode, my arm is juuuuust fine.  I have this weird tendency to intentionally throw passes with an unnecessarily high degree of difficulty, but it didn’t get me in trouble today.  It just felt good to get out and throw the pigskin around…and I really appreciated the high school kids A) letting me play with them and B) making comments under their breath like “it’s not fair when he throws.”  Good for the ego.

Breakfast–Heritage flakes–a cereal made out of ancient grains–with some dried fruit and seed mix sprinkled over the top.  I basically made my own “health” cereal where I can control the sugar content, and therefore calories.

Lunch–Omelette with jalapeno sausage, thinly sliced jalapenos, onions, peppers, and two eggs.  It was good fuel before the aforementioned football game.

Dinner–Flank steak with a brown sugar/soy/ginger rub (really a paste), cut against the grain and put on salad greens with pickled onions and peppers and some sunflower seeds.  Really solid meal…I’m a fan.

Finishing up class for the week tomorrow as well as some grocery shopping.  The thrifty experiment (all one day of it) I think is off to a good start…its definitely making me plan better and use what I have on hand more.  And as for the sportspocalypse and the Cowboys…there are five minutes left in the first half and the Boys look very blase.  They may get away with my stink only because the Bears also suck.

Have a good one.


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