Day 630–Sportspocalypse

Sometimes I love sports. Sometimes I hate them. This is one of those “hate” experiences.

Since I awoke Friday morning, the Rangers have lost two games (and are attempting to blow a third, even with Mike Napoli suddenly remembering how to hit, but somehow they pulled it back together and won), Manchester United only showed up for 45 minutes of futbol, the Longhorns won on a phantom touchdown after falling behind on a phantom kickoff penalty, the American Ryder Cup team suffered the worst collapse in the 80 year history of the competition, and every team I hate managed a victory except for the Angels minor hiccup tonight.  I feel like I’ve somehow coated every team I care about in a layer of stink…doesn’t bode well for the ‘Boys tomorrow night. We’ll see if it wears off with the changing weather.

Breakfast–Yeah…about that. Breakfast on Sundays rarely happens. Sleep is too pleasant.

Lunch–Pei Wei! Smaller portion of Mandarin Kung Pao chicken, fried rice, spring rolls and edamame. Quite the enjoyable way to end up “breaking the fast.”

Dinner–Ah yes…the thrifty teaser from Friday.  I was charged to cook dinner for our Life Group, so I did BBQ chicken, garlic roasted potatoes, and salad, all for under two dollars a person. Not bad, if I do say so myself.  I overestimated the amount of salad and underestimated the amount of chicken by one or two servings, but not bad.

It’s going to be a good week…the temperature is dropping a bit, the calendar is turning closer to fall and the holidays, and we’re moving closer to the start of the soccer season and our Fall Retreat.  Getting excited people…getting excited.

Have a good one.


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