Day 628–Ryder Cup Fever

I got a fever…and the only prescription is more Ryder Cup. Seriously.

For those of you with normal jobs that couldn’t sit around and watch the madness this afternoon, there were incredible shots, back and forth drama, the temporary resurgence of Tiger Q. Woods, unconscious putting by Nick Colsaerts, and most importantly, a Day 1 lead for the Americans. ‘Merikuh.

Really, the Ryder Cup is perfectly placed in the sports pantheon.  The MLB playoffs haven’t started yet, the NFL isn’t really off the ground yet, the NHL and NBA haven’t started their preseasons, much less meaningful games, AND thanks to a reset in the schedule due to 9/11 (‘Merikuh) they can build off the patriotism of the Olympics.  Such national pride.  I love it…I want more Ryder Cup. Let’s do this.

In non-sporting news, Luke and Lindsey are here visiting us, which gives us our first real visitors at the new apartment! (No offense to Kathy, who stayed here when we were still putting it all together, or to the Toys and St. Germains, who just came for dinner.)  This is awesome for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that they’re great people and great friends.  I also got sushi, but we’ll talk about that in a bit.

Breakfast–Granola, Mountain Medley variety.  I intentionally measured out one serving so I didn’t OD on granola.  That’s some fattening, sugary junk, but its so filling if you take care of yourself.

Exercise–I screwed my knee up on Wednesday, so “exercise” consisted of riding the stationary bike for 10-15 minutes and lifting weights. I find myself really enjoying lifting weights, which I always hated in football and in college because my arms and legs are so long that things like bench press and squats hurt like heck.  But free weights are much easier to handle, and I like the benefits.  So I think I’ll keep at it.

Lunch–Two sandwiches (unfortunate byproduct of working out…my freaking appetite is through the roof) with buffalo chicken, candied jalapenos, lettuce, bacon, and a side of cayenne okra.  Such an amazing meal.

Dinner–Sushi with Luke and Lindsey!  I’ve wanted to go to this place since we moved in, and I could never get Abby to go with me.  So we finally outnumbered her…totally worth it.  Half-price sushi/sashimi and 3 for 2 classic rolls.  Deliciousness…I’ll definitely go back. AND THEY DELIVER.

Dessert–To celebrate Lindsey’s birthday I made peanut butter brownies that were SO good.  The more baking I do, the more I’m learning the benefits of different icings and expanding my repertoire.  These are fantastic, and will be made again.

Tomorrow I get to make food for twenty people, but I don’t get paid for it.  Want to know why?

Tune in Sunday. That’s right…a tease for future posts.  Things just got real.

Have a good one.


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