Day 619–Stretch Armstrong

The one problem (I know…any of you who’ve actually used a Stretch Armstrong are currently saying, “One problem?!” Get over it) that I had with our dear elasticky friend Stretch Armstrong is that in order to get him really good and stretched out, you needed a lot of people with about the same level of strength.  If one person was too strong, it got ripped out of everyone else’s hands.  If one person was too weak, you got a foot/hand in the eye on whiplash.  It was always a dicey proposition playing with him, but if the stars aligned correctly you sure could make him do some ridiculous things.

I feel a bit as if my brain is Stretch right now.  Between church (teaching Sundays, Life Groups, and this week Wednesday night) and school (essays and responses every week, as well as two projects) and coaching (organization, strategy, putting together a team) and life (remembering to cook dinner, to have food in the house, to clean) and everything in between (finances, family, friends, etc) I’m getting to do some crazy mental gymnastics.  When one side is too dominant–this week it was soccer–then others suffer, namely preparation for my church duties.  When one side is too weak–for instance, hypothetically losing track of finances for a bit–then it all comes crashing down.  And that’s how you end up on the phone with a financial institution about to lodge a claim of account fraud when you realize that yes, you did in fact make that withdrawal, you moron.

Stretch always was more fun when you just melted him.

Breakfast–Finished off the apple cinnamon scones, which had been properly stored so as not to go bad. Calm down germ freaks.

Lunch–Buffalo chicken sandwich with salt and pepper pop chips.  I decided to branch out and try a couple of different/new flavors of pop chips since the BBQ ones are okay but not great, and I have to say–the jalapeno REALLY suck and the salt and pepper are decent.  At least they’re healthy, and the sweet potato version is delectable.

Snack–We saw Finding Nemo in 3D to continue our trend of giving Disney too much of our money, and while there I ate a bag of candy.  It was good. The movie was better.

Dinner–KFC before church.  Extra crispy strips (3) and potato wedges.  Fast and cheap…it fit the bill.

Dessert–Part of a Reese’s Sonic Blast.  Had kind of a stressful church experience, so I decided to cope with ice cream.  Not the greatest health choice, but I felt better afterwards.  And I lifted weights and hit the bike earlier today, so it wasn’t a total disaster…just a minor one.

Tomorrow we meet with a CPA.  Should be about as exciting as dental work. Yeehah.

Have a good one.


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