Day 613–Fall is Just a Tease

I went to the UPS store today to send some stuff back to my parents and was REALLY excited about the store windows as I drove by.  Lots of fall decor, pumpkins, scarecrows…the best. Fall is the BEST, and its not even up for debate.*

*Disclosure: I live in Texas, and therefore “fall” goes from October through mid-January.  Then the bottom falls out and it rains and gets nasty for a month. Then spring happens. I love Christmas, but I’ll take Halloween and Thanksgiving in a package deal any day.

After taking care of my business and answering the question “What can Brown do for you?” I made my way to Kroger. More scarecrows, pumpkins, gourds of various shapes and sizes, and then watermelons. WATERMELONS.  Seriously? Way to destroy my fall dream. Stupid Kroger.

I want it to be cold, I want leaves changing colors, and I want to buy pumpkins when they aren’t sitting next to the epitome of summer.

Breakfast–One piece of apple cinnamon scone.  I did better!

Lunch–Leftover soup from a few days ago.  Chicken, carrot, onion, farro, hatch chile…deliciousness.  Some of the best soup I’ve ever made.

Snack–Lucky. Freaking. Charms. So glorious.

Dinner–Leftover purple hull peas, mixed with pinto beans, seasoned onions and peppers, and honey-cayenne cornbread. Ohhhh yeahhhh.

Dessert–Ice cream. Duh.

Tomorrow we become housesitters and I start planning for all the fun stuff I have/get to do this weekend, like teach class, teach life groups, get ready for coaching, etc.  Gonna be fun.

Have a good one.


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