Day 612–Flying Cats

As I was typing this, I watched London (our cat) jump onto the sofa, size up the distance between herself and the back/top of the couch, take a flying leap…and miss by a good 8 inches, half land on Abby’s face, claw her and the sofa a bit, finally scramble up the back, and fall off onto the ground.  It was funny, it was moving, it had twists and turns…I give it four stars.

It also sums up pretty well the “health” aspect of today.  Breakfast would have been healthy if I hadn’t eaten so much, lunch would have been healthy without the ice cream, dinner wouldn’t have been healthy in any context, and I would have exercised if I didn’t keep putting it off and then our dinky workout facility been too crowded.

Careful planning…poor execution.

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon scones.  Three pieces.  In my defense, they were small…still stupid.  Tasted pretty good though.

Lunch–Two sandwiches of the buffalo chicken/candied jalapeno/bacon variety, more okra (Must. Get. More.) and some water. Followed, of course, by…

Snack–Ice cream. Dangit. It’s just soooo good! I need to move away from a Kroger’s.

Dinner–Chick Fila.  Twelve nuggets, fries, and a lemonade.  And then Abby wanted sno-cones, so we got sno-cones. Mine was Wild Cherry and Lime…and delicious.

Tomorrow I vow to do better. Hold me to it please.

Have a good one.

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