Day 611–Call Me Coach

Well, enough of the suspense.  Assuming something doesn’t go horrifically wrong over the next couple of days/weeks, I’m the new boys soccer coach at Westbury Christian.  Now, there are two seemingly large problems with this scenario.  First, I’ve never really coached before.  I’ve got some experience at the intramural level, which was all successful, but as for all the paperwork and whatnot, that’s going to be new.  Second, of all the sports I’ve ever played, soccer was by FAR my worst.  I don’t really have the lungs for endurance, my feet are smallish for my height, I’m not fast, and until very recently my idea of cuts and angles was confined to elementary school math projects.

That being said…

The most successful and important job I’ve ever had in my life, and probably the most important experience of my life, was working at Wilderness Expeditions.  As a mountain guide, there are two innate skills that allowed for a great hiking trip: a solid sense of adventure and a solid sense of direction.  I get freaked out on second story balconies (true story) and consistently got lost in my science building at ACU.  You’re reading this correctly: I was a mountain guide with no sense of direction and a fear of heights.  I was able to overcome those flaws to excel at my job and have an impact on lots of students…something I hope repeats itself here.  Flaws are ways to improve.  I hope I’m better four months from now.

Breakfast–The last piece of whole wheat naan, Elvis style.  That’s right–peanut butter, honey, and bananas. Breakfast of champions, and overweight rock legends.

Exercise–Weights and elliptical.  Felt good to workout again…get some of the soreness out from ultimate this weekend and start the day off right.

Lunch–At Westbury I was able to indulge in some of Tony’s brisket, red beans and rice, peas, and baked potato. And a job. Not a bad meal.

Snack–Celebratory ice cream.  It was necessary.

Dinner–Which Wich.  The first time I went there, it was a disaster of disgusting proportions.  This time? Sandwich bliss. A regular turkey, toasted, with bacon, jalapeno, green pepper, cucumber, caramelized onion, and salt and pepper.  It was glorious.

Tomorrow Abby gets a day off! Yay! And I have to figure out how to coach soccer.

Have a good one.


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