Day 610–Stomping Grounds

Today was flashback central.  Started out by heading down to Westbury, where I was greeted by a deafening chorus of greetings from my seniors.  It’s always fun to see them, and more importantly, to see them doing so well.  And they’re all grown up, which of course makes me old. The reason for my visit was to have lunch with Andrew Jefferson, one of my old students. His church is just a couple of miles down from our old apartment, so we knew a lot of the same restaurants.  As luck would have it we went to Jax! Huzzah!  And then, just to make things overly nostalgic, as I drove down Rice towards 59 I called my mom, since that’s what I’d do almost everyday on the way home from school.  Everybody all at once now:


It was a good day.

Breakfast–Two pieces of naan from the worst farmers’ market ever (La Centerra. Fail.) with peanut butter and chokecherry jelly straight from Spearfish, SD.  They were delicious.

Lunch–The biggest piece of chicken fried steak ever and sweet potato fries at Jax.  And great company, with Andrew and Corbin Culpepper both joining me. Good kids.

Dinner–Pasta with meat sauce.  Abby went running with Audrey and Kim tonight, so I wanted to make sure she was properly fueled.  It didn’t hurt that it was also really really good.

Dessert–I was faced with the option to either work out or eat ice cream.  The freezer was closer. I’m a weak, weak man.

Tomorrow I’ll have a real update on that whole job thing (sorry to leave you hanging…its a TBD) and maybe I’ll even be smart and exercise! Yeah!

Have a good one.


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