Day 604–Perspective

Sorry about not posting last night.  Apparently even though Mt. Rushmore “closes” at 9 pm, that’s a very loosely defined closing.  And apparently if you try to drive into the park after “closing” to take pictures of the fully illuminated monument up close, nothing stops you.  So…yeah. We were out late.

In a completely unrelated note, being the only six people in Mt. Rushmore after dark is incredibly cool and creepy.  Not sure which one is the dominant feeling…

We had to come back to Texas today, which means different things to each of us.  Saying goodbye to family is always hard, but knowing how difficult it will be to get back up to South Dakota makes it that much harder for Abby and I.  Abby has work at the end of the week, Dad has to go back tomorrow, I had textbooks waiting for me in the mail for an essay I literally just wrote due tomorrow, and we still have a goodly portion of this great state to cover before we’re back into any type of normal routine (again, if such a thing even exists) or schedule.

That being said, I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thankfulness that Abby has a job.  I know I’m incredibly blessed to have my education and a chance to finish it on my terms.  I had a grandmother that thought about us and cared for us, and there are things that I’ll have with me that will remind me of her everyday.  I have amazing friends that want to spend time with us and family that bends over backwards to accommodate Abby and me.  If this weekend has taught me anything–and I hope from my posts you’ve grasped even a fraction of how much I’ve learned–its that there is a peace and love that surpasses all understanding that comes from my God, and I’m lucky enough to see it manifested in my life daily if I keep my eyes open.

Breakfast–I’m sure you’re all shocked by this, but we went back to Cedar House for a bon voyage meal with Grandpa Stockburger and Uncle David.  Mom, Abby, and I “split” a caramel cinnamon roll (I ate most of it) and then I had a Meat Lover’s meal with a blueberry pancake.  It was pretty amazing.

Lunch–Due to the weirdness of our flight times, lunch was a bag of salt and pepper chips, a bag of peanut butter M&Ms, and a Dr. Pepper.  I’m healthy.

Dinner–Chili’s, where I had the sweet and spicy chicken (meh) with sweet potato fries (awesome) and steamed broccoli (always seems to be something…amiss…about their vegetables).  I also had a terrible shake. Chili’s used to have amazing chocolate shakes, and apparently this particular location never got the recipe.  Disappointment.

Abilene tomorrow with more moving. Huzzah…

Have a good one.


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