Day 602–Talented

And now, the portion of the program we’ve all been anticipating, the Stockburger family talent show.

In all honesty, talent shows scare the tar out of me.  My only discernible talents read a bit like a set up for a blind date when you know your friend is trying to hide something important, as in “I’m pretty funny, I can cook decently well, and at one point I think I was athletic.”  Unfortunately for me, the humor is more of a spur of the moment thing (stand-up is not in my repertoire) and there wasn’t a hot plate or fresh ingredients in sight.  The athletic ship sailed years ago.  So when it was announced that Sunday’s entertainment was going to be a family talent show, I very respectfully (at first) and then loudly and vehemently (as it got closer) declined to participate.

Good call Hendy.

My family is RIDICULOUSLY talented, from spur of the moment duets and original songs to poetry, magic, and musical theater performances, and the professional musician didn’t even perform (shyness…I don’t blame him at all).  It was hard to not be overwhelmed and impressed.  From the festivities last night to today’s showcase and everything in between, during this trip I’ve realized just how lucky and how honored I am to be a part of this legacy.  We have an incredible testimony of love and grace cultivated over the last hundred years (and even before that…one of my cherished possessions includes a knife that was Grandpa Stockburger’s dad’s knife. Five generations old.) and to be even a small fraction of that is a responsibility I hope I never take for granted or take lightly.  The names Stockburger, Simpson, Lynn, Durrington, Detlefs, Brittain, King, and Henderson mean something far beyond government identification…they distinguish us as those blessed to be a part of the Kingdom of God and a family unlike any other.  As my Uncle Dennis wonderfully and eloquently put it, “If I live to be one hundred years old, I want to be like Grandpa Loy.”  And as we learned this weekend, that means surrounded by love and happiness. Amen to that.

Breakfast–Another trip to the Cedar House, although I avoided the cinnamon rolls this time. And the pancakes.  I got the Cedar House skillet, which was basically bacon and sausage and onion and bell pepper with eggs and delicious hashbrowns.  It certainly wasn’t Cheyenne Crossing, but still really, really good.  I’m going to hate the scale when I get back to Katy.

Lunch–Club sandwich and buffalo chips.  Pretty good, but nothing to write home about. (Get it? Because I’m writing about it right now? Irony is lost on you people.)

Snack–Culver’s frozen custard with Debby and Dennis.  Good custard, great conversation with great family.

Dinner–A steak house in downtown Spearfish called Bum Steer.  Apparently bad service is a Spearfish thing this week because of the holiday or the time of year or the blue moon or because they just hate us.  The food wasn’t spectacular either, with a bit too much char on the sirloin.  It is hard to complain too much about sweet potatoes and a hunk of beef though, so I won’t.

One more full day in Spearfish and then lots of driving around the great state of Texas.  And the return of the London kitty, so get excited about that.

Have a good one, and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Family is a blessing.


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