Day 601–Family Trees

Apparently our family tree is an Autumn Blaze Maple.

I say this because this morning we dedicated a new tree, of the aforementioned variety, and some rose bushes (in honor of my grandma Rose Colleen) around Grandpa Stockburger’s bench here in Spearfish.  Two years ago I had the honor of quasi-preaching the bench dedication, and today the entire family helped beautify the area, as if it was even remotely possible to make that place more amazing.  I look forward to bringing my kids and grandkids up to Spearfish in the future, showing them the bench and landscaping, and telling them all about Grandpa Stockburger and how one man led to such a vastly unique and amazing family. It’s been an incredible trip, and I’m really excited we’ve got two and a half more days to enjoy these people and this place.

Breakfast–The Cedar House Restaurant in Spearfish.  Abby and I split two blueberry pancakes (wow), two eggs (eh…), two strips of bacon (huzzah!) and one massive caramel covered cinnamon roll.  Such a great breakfast, especially towards the end when the bacon and pancakes and maple and caramel all kind of melded together into one bite of deliciousness.  Spearfish does breakfast right.

Lunch–Veggie pizza at the pavilion in Evans Rocket Park after the tree dedication.  It was WINDY, like West Texas windy, so half the fun of lunch was trying to time eating where you could pick food off the plate without it getting thrown in your face by a gust of win.  We weren’t always successful…

Dinner–Buffalo burger, with bacon, and a side of buffalo chips.  Good burger, suspect service (serving 34 people at once can’t be easy, but they seemed to complicate things greatly) and we followed it all up with cake.  Can’t have a birthday without birthday cake, and to make it even cooler, we celebrated Grandpa Stockburger’s birthday and it really is my cousin Landon Lynn’s birthday. Happy Birthday Landon!

Post Dinner Hangout Time–A majority of the grandkids and great-grandkids went out to a place called Level to hang out afterwards, where we entertained ourselves by playing The Price is Right with the painfully overpriced furniture in the lounge.  725 dollars for a nickel plated lamp! 1350 dollars for a coffee table! 900 dollars for a chair! Woohoo!  I have an amazing family, and getting to spend that time with them is something I will always cherish.  It’s the unexpected/spur of the moment events that always seem to make trips so memorable and remarkable.

Tomorrow is the talent show for those family members with actual talent, and then unfortunately people will slowly start leaving and heading back to their various corners of the country. But you’re not through with us yet Spearfish!

Have a good one.


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