Day 600–Rushmore

(SIX HUNDRED.  Yikes…where has the time gone? I wish I had the results to go with the time spent, but plateaus happen. Just can’t let it stop me.)

I’m not sure which factoid is more amazing. that Mt. Rushmore cost less than a million dollars to make  or that my Great-Grandpa was alive (and I believe he was my age when it was completed. Freaky.) when it was being built.  We took our second trip to that most American of monuments today, although it was Jenna and Seth’s first pilgrimage, and I have to admit…it hasn’t changed much in two years.  No new additions. Still very…mountainous. But we enjoyed the drive, got to see another buffalo up close and personal, and family time is always entertaining.

In an unrelated note, this season’s Cowboys roster might be enough for me to commit to the Texans/Titans/Buccaneers full time.  I’ve known for a long time Jerry Jones is a moron, but wow…this is getting ridiculous.  I’ll give it the season and then reassess, but he’s done nothing over the last fifteen years to show me it’ll get any better.

Breakfast–Before Rushmore, we went to Cheyenne Crossing, the amazing little wide place in the road that has some of the best breakfast offerings ever.  I had Wild Bill’s Skillet, a cast iron vessel full of breakfast potatoes, sausage, onion, pepper, mushroom, and two scrambled eggs served with TWO biscuits and flavored Black Hills Honey.  Wow.

Lunch–Several hours later we finally got hungry again, so we went to the restaurant at our hotel.  I had a club sandwich that wasn’t half bad along with a side they call “Buffalo Chips” which are basically home fries sliced thin and sometimes crispy.  Not a bad meal.

Dinner–Um…frozen custard from Culver’s.  Breakfast was at like 9:30, we didn’t eat lunch until 3 or so, and then “dinner” was at 7:30 and I just wanted ice cream.  Chocolate custard with peanut butter and Reese’s cups.  Deliciousness.

Tomorrow we have the celebration de Grandpa and some awesome family time, and I’ve been promised some phenomenal blueberry pancakes.  We’ll see what happens.

Have a good one.


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