Day 599–A Century of Awesome

I’m in South Dakota, and (most likely, unless you’re family) you’re not. It’s okay to be jealous.

We flew in a little jet–and by little I mean I couldn’t stand up all the way–from DFW to Rapid City non-stop this morning, and the disturbing thing is that I STILL had more leg room than I did coming back from Israel. El Al…you suck at plane making.  Upon our arrival we got our rental car (a tricked out Suburban) and had glorious lunch before heading over to Spearfish to see my amazing 100 year-old great grandpa.  He still drives, walks miles everyday, does stretching exercises, and when recently confronted by a doctor about high blood pressure with the threat of “but you could die!” his response was something to the effect of “Fine by me. I’ve lived a great life.”  A few weeks back he fell and probably broke a rib, but upon waking the next morning he looked up, smiled, and said “Today is going to be a great day, even if I fall again.”  His advice for the rest of us is “Get your relationship with God and Jesus straight, and don’t let any preacher mess it up.”  I wish I was that cool now, and he’s been rockin’ it out for a century.  All in all, 34 different members of my family will be here for this celebration, the first time all of us have been in once place probably ever.  A great tribute to a great man.  Well played Loy…well played.

Breakfast–Three eggs, some sausage, red pepper, onion, and mushrooms.  We knew it was going to be a long time before lunch so we tried to stock up on protein.  It sort of worked?

Lunch–BEAU JO’S. Oh how I’ve missed your sweet, sweet, pizza deliciousness.  Between the six of us (yep…indoctrinated Jenna and Seth into Beau Jo’s mania. I don’t think they minded.) we split a Sausage combo, a Pacific Plantation, and a Skier Mike’s.  They were all amazing.  We also had a salad bar option…it was salad.

Dinner–Perkins’ Family Restaurant with Grandpa Stockburger.  I had a burger, sweet potato fries, and Abby and I shared pieces of banana creme and chocolate French silk pie.  Pretty darn good.

Tomorrow we have the greatest breakfast known to mankind, I restock my honey supply, and we go check out some rocky presidents.

Have a good one.


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