Day 595–Cravings

First and foremost, I’d like to wish a happy birthday to Evan St. Germain.  A great day to honor a great friend.

Church this morning was all about our natural tendencies as humans to crave community.  Mark threw out some pretty amazing statistics about longevity and happiness and their correlation to important relationships in our lives.  One of the biggest, if not the absolute number one, reasons we chose to move back to Houston was for community.  We missed our friends, we missed our church (a LOT), we missed some of the professional relationships we had developed.  No man is an island, and Mark gave us a great biblical reminder of that truth today.

An offshoot of that sermon was thinking about ways to get even more plugged into church.  We already help lead a Life Group for the teens,  I’ll be taking over teaching the Jr./Sr. class in a couple of weeks, Abby is doing a Women’s Bible Study, and when we lived here last time I was involved in VBS (some of my greatest stage moments, which isn’t saying much. At all). However, there’s a really great event at Sugar Grove called Holiday at the Grove that has booths for holiday shopping.  I’m thinking about peddling my wares for Thanksgiving and Christmas…help spread a little sugary goodness.  Any thoughts from those who might be involved?

I also found myself craving exercise today, which is nuts for where I was just a few weeks ago.  I’m still afraid of burnout, but I love being in this honeymoon stage where I enjoy the sweat and the soreness.  The unfortunate flipside is that, for some reason (I’m sure its scientific but I’m lazy) the more I work out, the more I find myself craving chocolate and sweets as well.  It’s a rough Catch-22, especially when I can (incorrectly) justify eating them because of the workouts.  Booooo.

Breakfast–A FiberOne bar before church.  A good example of the chocolate thing, but not as unhealthy as say, for example, cheesecake. In other news, guess what I had for dessert tonight?

Lunch–Woof.  We went to Berryhill for tamales and fish tacos, and it was possibly one of the worst meals I’ve ever had.  The masa on the tamales was complete mush, the chicken tasted like wet cardboard, and the fish tacos were flavorless.  Pathetic…I’ll never be going back to that location.

Dinner–Pei Wei!  Crispy Honey chicken with brown rice and extra vegetables…also wildly disappointing.  The Mandarin Kung Pao at this location is amazing, but apparently the CHC is a waste of money.  It was a rough day for eating out.

Dessert–Abby had dinner with a friend at Cheesecake Factory and was kind enough to bring me home a slice.  She’s a good Dr. Wifey.

Laundry, packing, flank steak for dinner, and hopefully some progress on the financial front. Going to be a good Monday.

Have a good one.


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