Day 594–Etiquette

Apologies for the tardiness of this post.  I would say I got all wrapped up in the Cowboys’ game, but it was preseason, it was boring, and it ended several hours ago. So…that’s probably out.  In all reality I just forgot and as I was drifting to sleep I realized I had abandoned you (yes you…specifically) and felt compelled to share my wit and wisdom for today.

But since I’m sleepy, don’t hold this against me.

The wife decided to join me for the workout today after she got done doctoring, and I’m really glad she did because I needed someone to verify that what I saw is actually what happened.  We went in, Abs started on her C25K workout, I lifted a few weights (I now understand why mirrors are so prevalent in workout facilities…they used to be horrible reminders of my rotundity, but they’re really helpful for form and, you know, narcissism) and then jumped on the exercise bike for some easy cardio.  About two thirds of the way through my ride, a woman came into the “gym” and proceeded to walk up to me very slowly, stare at me for a second, make eye contact with me, glare, and then slowly back away, stand in the corner, and wait for me to finish before pouncing on the recently vacated bike.  It was terrifying and weird and wrong.  I was going to finish off the workout with a few more weights just to cool down, but I was afraid she was going to get mad I was using something else that she wanted so we just left.  So gym etiquette lesson for today boys and girls: in an empty gym, don’t creepily stare at someone like you want to wear their skin as a suit (the distinct vibe she gave off). Just wait your turn. It’ll be okay.

Breakfast–NOT FROSTED MINI WHEATS. BOOYAH. Some thinly sliced chicken-apple sausage, hatch chile, and mushrooms sauteed together until nice and caramelized and then two eggs.  Delicious.

Lunch–Chicken sandwich with lettuce and candied jalapenos.  Not the same brand we had in Allen, not as good, but passable.

Exercise–See above.

Dinner–Leftover barbecue chicken, potato, and purple hulled peas.  Just as good the second time around.

Dessert–Ice cream…of course.  The good news is that Abby likes it too, so she can help me finish it off.  The bad news is that she likes it too and therefore reminded me I had it.  Whoops.

Church tomorrow, leg and abdominal workout, and then I get to organize all of my books I haven’t seen in over a year. Yay…

Have a good one.


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