Day 593–Anatomy and Physiology

I had a brief flashback to my biology days while working out yesterday.  Those fancy elliptical machines that I was raving about had an interesting feature on the screen, highlighting what muscles were being used by each specific workout.  To be honest, they reminded me of my old anatomy textbooks, except this was a drawing and not a cadaver.  And the model they used in our books looked exactly like a kid we all went to school with, which made it even more entertaining (especially the more puerile sections…whoever that model was, I hope he was paid handsomely) while this looked like something out of da Vinci or I, Robot.  But I digress.  I remember thinking while working out, “I know they say I’m working this muscle or that set of muscles, but I don’t feel it at all…it’s just good cardio.”

And then I woke up this morning. Woof.

So today’s “exercise” consisted of periodic stretching and some mild body weight resistance (pushups, etc) instead of actually going to the facility.  But never fear…I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll have a greater respect for the highlighted yellow sections.

Breakfast–Even as I was eating it I was lamenting having to report it back to y’all: more Frosted Mini Wheats.  Variety is boring, no?

Lunch–Buffalo Wild Wings with the youth group.  Six Asian Zing, six Teriyaki, and some fries.  Usually (I would say “in my prime” but man that makes me sound old(er than I am)) I can throw down 18 wings, but after the 12 today I was done.  Kinda felt good…I didn’t overeat and it was a smaller portion.  Granted, that “smaller” portion is still a ridiculous amount of calories, but oh well.

Snack–More ice cream.  I am a weak, weak man.

Dinner–Papa Murphy’s.  For the second time this week I had planned on making taco salad, got up to the prep work and bailed.  I do love you taco salad, but you’re just not doing it for me right now.  Tomorrow perhaps?  We had a coupon for a large Hawaiian pizza and I ate a couple of slices with some thinly sliced hatch chile on top.  It was good stuff.

Tomorrow, Manchester United plays–hopefully better than Monday–and then we begin in earnest the countdown to South Dakota and hopefully I get back on the horse for exercising.

Have a good one.


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