Day 592–Habit Forming

I’m not sure if I envy people who have a “routine” or if I pity them.

Abby and I spend a lot of time, and have spent a lot of time, talking about things being “normal” and what that looks like.  Having a normal work schedule, living in one place for a long-ish amount of time, having normal/regular expenses, etc. I’m pretty convinced none of that actually exists.  There are always random expenses that throw things off, work can and does change regularly based on patients/students/meetings/extracurriculars, and even if this is where we’re going to live for the next year, we’re about to get our cat back, and anyone who has seen London knows she ain’t normal.

That being said…I’m trying to establish some routines, just to spite myself.  For instance, tonight was the beginning of our Thursday night hang out time with our friends, something we will make a priority for every Thursday night.  I’ve been trying harder to get up at a normal time every day just to keep my body used to it in case one of my crazy employment schemes actually works.  And perhaps the most shockingly, I worked out two days in a row.

That’s right…consistent exercise.  Been a while.

Tomorrow I plan to make it three in a row, and then undo it all by eating wings with the youth group. Oh well.

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats with fruit in the middle.  I do promise I eat other things for breakfast like oatmeal and scones and I think there was an apple with peanut butter thrown in there somewhere but for some reason I appear to only blog on the shredded hay days. Perhaps because it makes me feel healthy?

Exercise–The aforementioned workout.  I did some leg exercises with weights (including some lunges…boooooo) and then cardio on the elliptical at our workout facility.  It’s got an amazing preprogrammed system that helps break up the monotony of workouts and get a whole diversity of muscles involved.  I’m a fan.

Lunch–Two peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches.  I was hungry after the workout.

Snack–And then I screwed everything up with a bowl of chocolate-peanut butter ice cream.  Advertising works people…I was minding my own business watching Property Brothers and then an ice cream commercial hit. I was sunk.

Dinner–Barbecue chicken with purple hulled peas and baked potatoes.  I doctored up some bottled barbecue sauce with a little extra spice and then added hatch chile and bacon to the peas.  Solid meal with tons of leftovers (score!) for later.

So there you have it.  I really hope I can make exercise into a habit and start to get a little stronger, and a little leaner.  I haven’t really lost or gained much weight, so I think this is either a huge plateau I’m stuck on or its a pretty natural weight for me that I can sculpt and toy with.  Either way, healthy is never bad.

Have a good one.


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