Day 566–Home Sweet Train Wreck

Hello blogosphere…miss me?

We’re finally settled in down here in Katy, although there are still so many cardboard boxes to go through that it makes me weep when I look at them. Hence, I’m on the computer.

My apologies once again for not blogging regularly, but in my defense, I didn’t have internet until about 4 hours ago.  Between moving, driving, eating crappy fast food and junk on the road, losing several gallons of fluid through sweat, being able to somehow resist the Sonic that’s much closer than I’m comfortable with, and climbing the stairs to our apartment a few dozen times, its all evened out into a nice solid weight of 218.2, according to our janky bathroom scale we pulled back out of storage.  Since that’s all I’ve got now, that’s going to be the standard.  It’s obviously a little higher than I’d like it to be–if you’ll recall I was at 210 right before Disney/the world caved in for three months–but its doable.  I’ve got my knives, my skillets, and my kitchen (feels so good to say that) so the only thing stopping me from being healthy is me. Good thing I fight like a girl.

I’m really excited about getting to go back to Sugar Grove tomorrow as a full member again instead of the fleeting visits over the past year. It’s incredible how important community is, even to a card-carrying introvert like me.

Also, I’ve been told the Olympics are on. Anyone confirm this?

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats, but with a twist–fruit in the middle.  They’re really good and REALLY filling.  I had to struggle to finish a serving today, which was a strange feeling.

Lunch–Wendy’s, on our way to pick up a new tv (lost ours to lightning, no lie) before the AT&T people got there to give us the gift of the interwebs.  Spicy Chicken Sandwich, lettuce only, half a large fry, and half a Dr Pepper. Man I love Dr Pepper.

Dinner–Whole wheat penne with sauteed onions and peppers and chicken and apple sausage.  An old standby, and delicious to boot.

More unpacking and organizing tomorrow…woohoo.  Good to be back H-town.

Have a good one.


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