Day 534–Facepalm

First off, the prayers for Colorado appear to doing their thing. Rain today, with a bit more expected as the night goes on.  Well done.

Second, I completely forgot about the weigh-in yesterday.  I’m at 215.6, which isn’t spectacular (brief recap…I was almost to 215 on February 19th. So…stagnancy rules.) but again, heading the right direction.  Sorry for the lack of update/accountability yesterday; totally my bad.

Third, for the second time this week I’ve gotten turned down for a job because I managed to apply two days too late.  It’s tough because we aren’t sure where we’re going, so I’m trying to feel things out and make inquiries, but I’ve gotten excited about an opportunity twice only to have it dismissed before it even got off the ground. Frustration reigns.

Breakfast–A biscuit and strawberry-jalapeno jelly before driving to Ft. Worth to get shot down. Productive morning.

Lunch–Turkey sandwich with bread and butter jalapenos, bacon, and some Julio’s chips.  If you don’t know what Julio’s chips are, well…I’m sorry for your loss.

Exercise–Elliptical, although this time I had the added benefit of wanting to take out some frustrations as well, so I increased the resistance level. I’m going to be sore in the morning.

Dinner–Chicken fajitas with fresh peach salsa. Sweet mercy.  Abby brought some peaches back from Canton and I diced them up (the ones that survived…they were so juicy they kind of disintegrated on the cutting board) with jalapeno, lime juice, red onion, and a bit of salt and cilantro. So. Good.

Dessert–I also made condensed milk caramel today, which was WAY easier than I expected and much more delicious, too.  Mom made chocolate cake cookies, we made caramel sandwiches, and then I gained all the weight back I lost from working out. Worth it.

Work tomorrow and (hopefully) a better soccer match than the junk Spain threw out there today.

Have a good one.


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