Day 531–Insanity

Now, the fun part is that some of you clicked on this because you thought I was going to start doing the Insanity workouts.  Clearly, you have missed two important lessons: 1) Anything named “Insanity” is going to be inherently unpleasant and 2) I don’t like to make myself feel unpleasant.  So no, I’m not doing Insanity. Sorry to disappoint.

However, I am quite a fan of the definition of insanity that goes along the lines of “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  For more on that subject, wait until I talk about dinner.

Also, I listened to a Katy Perry song all the way through and didn’t want to drive into a light pole. This has me a bit worried.

Breakfast–Muffins…delicious muffins. Raspberry muffins from Bonnie Ruth’s are just too freaking delicious to pass up.

Lunch–Haha…silly lunch.  You’d best believe that in lieu of a real lunch I got some frozen yogurt from Velvet Spoon during my break today, and it was incredible. And unhealthy!  (For those keeping track, thats two sugary cupcake/muffins and fro-yo for my food today. Score.)

Dinner–Pei Wei…freaking Pei Wei. Every time I go to Pei Wei I end up sick, not because its bad food (it was great) but because my body is just not used to that much oil all at once.  So I feel bad, time passes, I forget, and then a couple of weeks later we’re back at Pei Wei. Fail Henderson…fail.  I had the Thai Dynamite chicken with brown rice and it was amazing.  They also now have one of those great touchscreen Coke machines with the different flavors, including my favorite Coke with lime.  Made me happy, at least until a couple of hours later.

So there you have it.  Work meeting tomorrow, hopefully some pool time (it got all toasty warm here in Texas), and maybe some insights into our future. Should be fun!

Have a good one.


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