Day 529–Day Off

Today was a great day, due to the fact that A) I didn’t go to work and therefore could relax all day and B) Everyone was finally home.  My mom had been in Abilene this week until last night, so it was good to have everyone back.

One of the great things about all four of us being home for dinner is that it gives me an opportunity to help out with the cooking and planning.  Therefore, today we spent time running some errands and picking up things for dinner, including a stop at Hirsch’s Meats, which might be carnivore heaven. Seriously.

The other great thing about a day off is that it gave me time to recharge, mentally and physically.  I tried to workout yesterday, made it about 6 minutes and quit from boredom and heavy legs.  A simple day off (yesterday…a six minute workout doesn’t count) and today I was good as new again.

Anyways…shopping for food, working out, and spending time in the pool. Great day.

Breakfast–A singular biscuit with jelly.  I grabbed a snack on the way out the door to begin our errand running, which also included taking Abby’s car to get serviced.  Cars are expensive.

Lunch–Taco Bell. The fresco menu at Taco Bell is a dieter’s best friend (except for sodium levels…) in that I got five tacos (I only ordered 4…they were struggling mightily) and it was under 600 calories. Score.

Dinner–Pasta, just like…well, just like I used to make it.  Sauteed onions, peppers, and zucchini with a bit of balsamic, grilled sausage from Hirsch’s, and some rigatoni.  No sauce, just spicy, garlicky oil. It was absolutely amazing.

Dessert–Dried apricots dipped in dark chocolate.  Got around 20 apricots for less than a dollar and a half at Market Street.  In fact, all of dinner was less than 20 dollars for four people. Not bad at all.

Work tomorrow, more soccer (Vive la France!), and freakishly warm weather here in Texas…triple digits are coming.

Have a good one.


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