Day 527–Marathon Man

This might win the award for most deceiving title ever.  I’m not running a marathon, nor will I ever run a marathon.  I get bored too easily, and running is the worst. But I have been reminded recently that this weight loss thingy (yep…technical term. Thingy.) is most certainly a marathon and not a sprint.

Even after working out a lot, eating pretty well, working a lot (and therefore being on my feet as opposed to sitting on my rump) I’m only at 216.4. Granted, that’s still a pound to a pound and a half in a week, but its hard when you want it to melt off so much faster.  But, baby steps prevail; I’m still down four pounds since getting back from Israel and I at least feel more toned and like I’m getting slimmer.

On a completely unrelated note, I rewatched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 today while working out. Great movie…I’m glad that happened at a time when I could appreciate it.

Breakfast–Wafflewich!  Peanut butter, cherry preserves, and two waffles turned into one great pre-workout breakfast.

Exercise–Twenty minutes on the elliptical.  I have to admit, I slept in because Katey, my cousin, was here Monday night and we stayed up ridiculously late so its thrown my sleep schedule.  Totally worth it though…she’s the best.  Anyways, I slept in, ate breakfast, then didn’t really wait long enough before working out so my legs felt kinda heavy and it was a suck workout. I slogged through it though.

Lunch–Leftover steak and asparagus from Lonesome Dove, sauteed onions and jalapeno slices, and two eggs with some tomatillo salsa from Torchy’s.  Wow it was good…made me sad there isn’t more.

Dinner–Because of the wonky schedule today and the fact I worked tonight, dinner kinda didn’t happen.  I wasn’t hungry after that massive lunch, so I just had a cherry limeade courtesy of my lovely and magnificent wife. Winner.

So there you have it.  Another day of work tomorrow, and hopefully some pool time since its supposed to get hot. Have a good one.


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