Day 524–Fathers’ Day

My apologies for the lack of postage last night.  I worked a majority of the day so I was a bit fatigued, but I can tell you there was sushi involved…delicious sushi.

Today we celebrated Fathers’ Day the best way we know how–with gluttonous food. I worked all afternoon so that one of the guys could spend Fathers’ Day with his family, but before and after we did it big.

And then, you know, we watched golf. It was exciting…

Breakfast–Bonnie Ruth’s brunch…oh how I’ve missed thee.  All you can eat goodness is hard to pass up.  I had some caramel french toast, breakfast potatoes, sausage, and then chocolate cake. Yes, you read that right, CHOCOLATE CAKE for breakfast. Awesomeness.

Snack–I suppose while at work I should have done something, but I wasn’t all that hungry so I didn’t.  Whoops?

Dinner–Steak bruschetta.  Marinated and roasted filet, sliced thinly and placed on top of crostini with caramelized onions.  Abby’s and Dad’s had goat cheese, which I of course abstained from.  We also had roasted potatoes and salad.  It was Dad’s request, and he did a great job of selecting…I’m just glad I was along for the ride.

Dessert–Pot de creme, also per the request of Dad.  It was fantastic, and in small servings, so even better.

Tomorrow we have the first ever Oil & Vinegar staff meeting (…) and hopefully some pool time and working out.

Have a good one.


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