Day 501–Afterburn

So apparently I’m quite the salesman, given my success at Bonnie Ruth’s, Oil and Vinegar, and convincing my parents to go to Torchy’s again today.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen…Torchy’s two days in a row.  And I can still walk/function correctly.  Booyah.

Abby went to Portland this morning for Lindsay and Luke’s wedding, and I have to admit…sending me a picture of the beautiful scenery was freaking mean. Shame on you…it actually made me miss Colorado a ton.  I got up earlier than I’m used to in order to get her to the airport, then came back and made it a few hours before I needed a nap (otherwise work just wasn’t going to happen) so my schedule is a bit off now…hence posting this at 11:15.  I guess I’m getting on Israel time early?

Breakfast–Omelette with three eggs, jalapeno, onion, bacon, asparagus, and some Sriracha. It was REALLY good.

Lunch–The aforementioned Torchy’s, round 2.  I had another Crossroads and a Brushfire…the Brushfire was amazing.  Possibly my favorite, although more testing must be done…its a rough life I lead.

Dinner–Peanut butter and grape jelly and a piece of chocolate praline cake from Bonnie Ruth’s.  I missed my friends so I ran over there during break to “get some cake” and talk to everyone.  Really the cake was just a bonus.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for a good long while (my next paycheck should be, um, robust) and then we pack for Israel. It’s been a while since I packed for a trip this long and since I packed for international travel, so it could be quite the adventure.

Shout out to #numberonefan Leah.  Figure out some way for us to come visit for free.

Have a good one!


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