Day 499–Salmon En Papillote

I accomplished everything I wanted to get done today, just not in the order I expected.  This is not uncommon, especially during the “summer” when Abby is here with me and I don’t necessarily have to get everything done before she gets home anymore.  Unfortunately–and I truly am ashamed about this–the reason things got a bit wonky had to do with two movies: Days of Thunder (probably forgivable, but man I dislike Tom Cruise) and Major League: Back to the Minors (completely unforgivable and potentially cause for a beating).  Thanks to Chuck, I’m now a huge Scott Bakula fan, so I feel like blaming all of this on him is completely acceptable.

Seriously. Major League 3. What is wrong with me?!

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats with a banana.  I needed a good shot of fiber, and that slightly sweetened hay delivered like a champ.

Lunch–Salad with honey roasted walnuts, red pepper, chopped bacon, and a passionfruit-lime dressing.  I also got a phone call from Jordan during lunch just checking on me, which I greatly appreciated.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this (partially because it involves Facebook, which he loathes) but in case this finds him–thanks man.

Snack–I had some cherries.  They finally went on sale at Market Street, and lo and behold, they sucked. A bit, um, squishy for my tastes.  I suppose there will be some jam appearing in the near future.

Dinner–Salmon en papillote, courtesy of my mom’s brilliant ideas.  I took some asparagus, snow peas, orange bell pepper, and some incredible Copper River Sockeye salmon, dressed all of it with a honey-soy-sesame marinade, wrapped it up in parchment and threw it in the oven.  Of course, for the third time (out of the three times I’ve attempted this…) the “suggested” cooking time wasn’t even close to enough to get the salmon done, so really it was just a crapshoot to guess when it was done.  It was freaking delicious though, served on top of some quinoa.

Dessert–Finished off the shortbread, some sliced cherries, and a scoop of Cherry Garcia (my ultimate store-bought ice cream weakness; my homemade chocolate is still the best ice cream ever).  It was excellent…and I may have to make some more shortbread.

Exercise–See, this is out of order.  I went about 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching Grimm with Abby.  If you haven’t watched Grimm and you like fairytales/mythology, get on it.  Good show. I also had the freak occurrence of my calorie counter (MyFitnessPal…its awesome) coming out almost exactly even tonight. I was one calorie off out of 1800…I was allowed 1800 and consumed 1801. Not bad.

Work tomorrow, and a haircut. I hate haircuts, but the whole Israel thing means I need to look less…disheveled. Have a good one.


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