Day 498–Israeli Shekels

The biblical scholar in me can’t help but feel goofy every time I say the phrase “Israeli shekels.”  We had to go back to the AmEx place to get more funds for the trip today, and it still feels awkward…something that ancient, with that much history, shouldn’t be in my hand at any point.  And yes, I know the New Israeli Shekel has only been in place since 1985, but its the name…Shekels. Wow.

Work was disastrously slow today, although lots of people came to see me.  Thanks to Amanda, Mom, Dad, and Burke for keeping me company along with the like 6 customers we had. Good times.

I also can’t believe I’m approaching 500 days of doing this…kinda nuts.  Almost 500 days ago I weighed 247.6 lbs and looked slightly whale-like.  As of today’s weigh-in, I’m at 217.2 lbs.  Not as good as it should have been, but definitely passable and something to build on.

Breakfast–Two eggs, leftover steak from last night, and some caramelized onions. Amazingness.

Lunch–Freebirds!  A chicken hybird on cayenne with poblano salsa, corn salsa, cilantro, lettuce, black beans and cilantro-lime rice.  It was delicious…still not as good as Chipotle, but gaining ground the more I go.

Snack–There’s a new Fro-Yo place in Watters Creek called the Velvet Spoon, so Abby and I went to check it out.  I had chocolate (amazing) with birthday cake (eh) and some Heath bar topping.  It was really good overall, and close. Winner.

Dinner–Or should I say, “dinner.”  I had a Nature Valley Chocolate and Oats granola bar while at work.  The Fro-Yo lasted me a good long while, which was the plan.

I also brought home some cupcakes, thanks to Burke and his overabundance of baked goods at Bonnie Ruth’s.  Good to know we weren’t the only ones suffering from lack of business.  I’ve got the day off tomorrow for some final Israel prep time, then work and a long flight ahead of us this week.  Have a good one!


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