Day 443–Insomnia

Well hello there.

You may remember me.  I write a weight loss blog.  Well, usually its about weight loss.  Occasionally I screw up and its a weight gain blog.  It happens.

I haven’t exactly had the greatest couple of weeks, hence my lengthy absence from this space.  Rather than blabber on about how bad life has been blah blah blah here’s a rundown of what has happened.  It’s an explanation/apology for abandoning you, my dear readers:

–Got fired from Bonnie Ruth’s.  “Conflict of Interest” was the official reason, thanks to Dolce, but it felt a little weird all the way around. No sweat though, because

–Got hired at Oil and Vinegar.  I was unemployed for two days. Not bad.

–Had my Church History II midterm.  It. Was. DIFFICULT.  Pulled off a B, and frankly I feel lucky with that.

–Started writing my Church History II paper.  Twenty pages on Pope Innocent III and the Fourth Lateran Council.  Get excited people.

–Had a hold placed on my ACU account, making it very difficult to get transcripts for my teacher certification.  Got it taken care of after calling and explaining to the medical clinic that A) I don’t live in campus and B) I haven’t been on campus for more than 24 hours combined the last 2 years.

–Abby got in a wreck, although it wasn’t her fault and she didn’t get hurt.  Messed the car up pretty good though.

–Participated in a private Food Creates Community and put together my first full composed dessert as Dolce Pastries.  It went well, but its never easy work.

–Have another event this weekend where I’m cooking for 280 people.  Another first!

–Abby went to Jacksonville for 3 days, and is going to Fort Worth for 4 more this weekend.

All of this has led to two developments:  1) I have developed my stress-induced insomnia.  I just can’t get to sleep at night because I can’t turn my brain off.  That, in turn, has caused some weird fluctuations with my weight (as well as eating fast food and sugar and a lot of bad stuff).  I’m incredibly lucky that through some smart choices I’m back down to 211 lbs, even though at one point I was up to 215 in the last week.  I’ve still got the goal of being under 210 by Disney (3 weeks!) and its still attainable.

I’ll try to jump on here later in the day and give a food report.  Have a good one.



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