Day 428–Explicable Weight Gain

I weighed in this morning at 212.8 lbs.  Normally, this would give me pause; I’ve gained two pounds in a week. That ain’t good.

However, it makes perfect sense in light of some recent developments.  Allow me to recap the last couple of days for you.

Saturday:  Went to see The Lorax in theaters.  Solid movie. Ate candy. Lots. Of. Candy. In case you missed the recent health studies, sugar is bad for losing weight…shocking, right?  I’m also writing a 20 page paper on Pope Innocent III (don’t be jealous) and have been mindlessly munching along on leftover candy while mindlessly writing.  Bad combination.

Sunday:  Went to get barbecue at Rudy’s.  For those of you who don’t remember Rudy’s from my posts about Houston, it was the only good barbecue in Houston. Seriously…everything else sucked.  Apparently it was good by association…in Dallas, where we have good food, its not as wonderful as I remembered.  However, I remembered this after a good pound of barbecue. Whoops.

Monday:  Went to Freebirds with Bingham, ate a lot, and then…I got fired.  Yep…Bonnie Ruth’s let me go because of Dolce, citing a conflict of interest on my part.  Makes sense, not torn up about it, but it was still stressful, which of course led to the consumption of more candy, and some baking. (See: Banana Creme Pie)

So I haven’t been working/on my feet all day, I’ve had some stress, and I ate badly to begin with.  Therefore, two pounds is better than I deserved.

The good news is that I was unemployed for all of 24 hours.  I now work at Oil and Vinegar, which as you might have guessed sells Oil and Vinegar (along with a bunch of other great products).  It’s basically foodie heaven…I get paid (more than I did at Bonnie Ruths…) to talk about food with people all day.  Huzzah!

Last night–Found the job opening at Oil and Vinegar.  Sent in my resume.

Breakfast–A Nature Valley Dark Chocolate granola bar.  Deliciousness.

Exercise–Went on a walk with my wife.  It was muggy, there were lots and lots of bugs, but  it was good to get out and exercise a bit.  And she’s hot…so that’s nice.

Before lunch–Picked up application from Oil and Vinegar.

Lunch–Genghis Grill!  The best bowl I’ve made there in a looooong time.  Beef, shrimp, bok choy, potatoes, bean sprouts, peppers, onions, water chestnuts, jalapenos…bunch of other stuff.  Amazingness.  And I behaved and only ate one!

After lunch–Dropped off application at Oil and Vinegar.

Dessert–I made a pineapple caramel to go with the Banana Creme Pie…wow.  It was freaking incredible.  That’s going on the menu for sure.

After dessert–Went back up to Oil and Vinegar, talked to owner, got job…was told to come in at 7.

Dinner–Sliders and veggies.  Two sliders, some broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Wonderful.

Dessert–Homemade chocolate mousse with a strawberry balsamic (from O&V) reduction. Wowza.

Work–Worked from 7-9:30, less than 48 hours after getting let go from Bonnie Ruths.  Amazing how life works out!

So there you go.  I hope I lose weight this week, and I will work on it, but I’m not going to let this weekend throw me off my game.  Sometimes you get curveballs…and occasionally you get one that hangs and you can crush it.  Feeling pretty good about life.  Have a good one!


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