Day 421–Professionalism

Today was the first day where Dolce felt like a real job…and I LOVED it.

I made my weekly trek to Allen, except Jordan was taking everyone on a field trip (don’t you remember how awesome field trips are?!) so we had about an hour to talk.  In that hour we worked out the details for two separate events, talked about two more (one I had to decline and one I took, but only after consulting with my calendar) and also had a nice side conversation about cookbooks from the 1880’s. Like normal people.

After that, I came home and made chocolate spice cake, pictures of which you can find on the Dolce website.  It was really REALLY good, although I think I would tweak it a bit.  Lots of clove…

And of course, the important part: I weighed in this morning at 210.8 lbs.  My second New Years’ resolution besides the #215by219 was to reach 210 lbs. by the time we go to Disney World…in mid-April.  The difficult part of that one appears to be getting under and staying under, since I think I’m leveling out a bit.  It also doesn’t help that I ate a piece plus of cheesecake last night. So let’s see how this works out!

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats.  I enjoy FMW, but because of my aversion to milk if I don’t put fruit on them its a bit like eating hay.  I forgot to put fruit on them this morning so…hay for breakfast.

Lunch–Two sandwiches (a bit overkill, but I wanted to try different things. And again, hay for breakfast), one with cajun turkey, spinach, and Anaheim chile, and then the other with buffalo chicken, spinach, and Anaheim.  They were both amazing.

Dessert–A piece of the aforementioned spice cake with a dollop of whipped cream and some candied ginger sprinkled on top. It was gooooood.

Dinner–Two crab cakes, some butter beans, and sauteed zucchini and onion with soy sauce.  Such a great meal!  Market Street has some great pre-cooked crab cakes that just require a bit of browning/crisping.  I’m a fan.

Dessert–Yeah yeah…two desserts.  I thought about food all day, what do you expect?  I had some of the leftover cheesecake from last night.  Two bites of banana cheesecake and 4-5 bites of Hersheys cheesecake.  If you have access to a Cheesecake Factory, go get either one of them. You won’t be disappointed. (And both might be better.)

So overall today was solid.  Got work the rest of this week and then next week is Spring Break, which really only matters because Abby is off all week and I don’t have to read for class–Double win.  Have a good one.


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