Day 414–Umm…Wow.

Okay, so this isn’t going to go over well, but it can’t be helped.  Facts are facts.  All week I’ve been lamenting how much weight I was going to gain, how I hadn’t done a great job with my choices, blah blah blah…

212.6 lbs.

That’s four pounds since my birthday…four pounds in nine days. That’s unreal. Apparently I need to complain more often. I’m almost too ashamed of my good fortune to celebrate.

In other news, I made my weekly pilgrimage to Allen High School to help out with Jordan’s classes.  I really like those kids…its fun working with them and learning about their lives while I practice my craft.  Who knows, maybe I really am meant to teach!  Today was ice cream day, so Lauren and I made some orange gelato (it had to rest overnight for the flavors to meld) and then, on the side, I made maple bacon ice cream.  It was fantastic!  Very unusual, but highly addictive.

Breakfast–Dark Chocolate Nature Valley granola bars.  I woke up early to tell Abby good luck, and then promptly fell asleep and overslept. Therefore I grabbed a granola bar as I ran out the door.

Lunch–Snacking at Allen.  Some chips, some roasted chicken, and a cookie.  I didn’t say it was healthy snacking.

Snack–Maple bacon ice cream. Soooo gooooooooood.

Dinner–Homemade pizza, courtesy of my mother and the most recent issue of Bon Appetit.  Mine had homemade sauce, fresh mozzarella, italian sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and broccoli. It survived all of 10 minutes after it left the scorching hot oven.  It was, in short, amazing.

The other exciting news of the week is that I started my own baking business, Dolce Pastries.  It’s all completely hypothetical because since its formation 2 days ago I haven’t had any business (duh) but it should be great for getting to do what I love.  Check it out on Facebook under Dolce Pastries or head over to

I’m about to go get Abby from the airport (yay!) and then work tomorrow.  Have a good one.


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