Day 412–Surprise Extra Post

I know I know…you all are going to get spoiled. Three posts in one week? Insanity!

I’ve had a pretty solid weekend save for one thing: Abby is out of town, in Charlotte taking her final Boards section.  I miss her, but I know she’s going to do a phenomenal job Tuesday and come home relaxed and ready to finish up school!  In her absence I have attempted to make myself as busy as possible, which included a catering job last night and a Bible study tonight.  Not bad at all.

For the catering, I was essentially hired out as a pastry chef.  Since I am most assuredly NOT a pastry chef, this was a leap of faith on Jordan’s part.  I appreciate his faith in me, and I have to say…I delivered. Salted caramel shortbread with chocolate, a fudge chocolate cake with chocolate mousse frosting, and key lime creme brulee.  And no, you can’t have any.  They’re all gone.

Since I got up early yesterday, didn’t sleep well the night before, and was out until midnight, I actually slept until about 11 today.  It was GLORIOUS.  I feel much more…human, as opposed to the robotic way I went through the motions finishing up last night. Since I slept so late, breakfast just didn’t happen.  I’m sure I’ll pay for all of this on Tuesday’s weigh-in.

Breakfast–Like I said, non-existant.  Mom did make biscuits though, even if I wasn’t conscious to eat them.

Lunch–Leftover P.F. Chang’s chicken lettuce wrap filling and sichuan asparagus, along with snap peas and sliced onion that I sauteed together with some Sriracha and soy sauce and put on brown rice.  It was really REALLY good.

Snack–Tried some of my cake. It was good…and by far the 3rd best dessert I made. Funny when something that delicious just gets blown away by everything else. C’est la vie.

Dinner–Sliders from Market Street and homemade sweet potato fries.  I had two sliders and what might have amounted to an entire potato’s worth of fries.  They were amazing…sweet potatoes are just ridiculous.

Dessert–At Bible study, I had a slice of pound cake, one scoop of ice cream and some fresh berries.  Certainly healthier than last night’s dessert, and not bad taste-wise either.

Work tomorrow, Tuesday I make ice cream, and another weigh-in bonanza! And most importantly, Abby comes home!


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