Day 386–Weigh In!

Oh Tuesdays…you bring me such joy.  In fact, as Tuesdays go, this was the best one all week. Scouts’ honor.

Started the day off with a weigh in…220. Boom.  That means I’m down 6.6 lbs in the last three weeks, and I’m somehow miraculously on track for 215 by 2/19.  It’s amazing what constantly moving will do for your metabolism…thank you Bonnie Ruth’s.  That’s right; I spend 8 hours a day around delicious cake and I lose weight. #Winning

Today also featured a wonderful trip to Allen High School to see Jordan.  I tweaked their stock cookie recipe to make it more aesthetic (and delicious), helped out with his ProStar team, and had a great conversation with one of his friends about the future of cooking.  And I also got to see Shaelana for a while, which was very cool.

Tomorrow begins the “let’s see how many hours Jason can work in the span of 6 days” tour, ending with moving and more papers to write. Sweet.

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats with a banana.  I was tempted to celebrate with some Nutella, but then I realized I was running late to get to AHS. Cereal is speedy…so there you go.

Lunch–Tasting at the ProStar trial.  Some steak, butternut squash, masa cake…and of course, lots of my cookies. Whoops.

Dinner–Green chile chicken stew and cornbread.  A nice, spicy, light soup to finish off the day, and I got to use a bit of my black raspberry jalapeno jelly on the cornbread, so winners all the way around today.

Tomorrow is work and some research into a new baking project…I’ll let you know more as we move on. Here’s to losing more weight!


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