Day 381–Thursday Blog Entry

It’s been so long since I consistently blogged I can’t even come up with snappy titles any more. Sadness.

Today was a solid day at work, consistent business but nothing too overwhelming.  This, of course, is completely fine by me because tomorrow has the potential to completely wipe me out.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I worked a weekend evening, so hopefully I can get back in the groove quickly. It’s amazing how quickly a “groove” has been established in the few short weeks I’ve been there. I actually like going to work, I have my own way of doing things, and we all work together extremely well.  It’s a good place.

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats with a sliced banana.  Nice and filling.

Lunch–Yeah…about that.  I had a spoonful of peanut butter. Didn’t really have a chance to do much else.  Not so healthy, but at least it had some protein in it to keep me going.  I’ve also realized that I eat a LOT just for the sake of eating.  I can be totally fine with a sandwich for lunch and a small snack 2-3 hours later, and yet if I’m not at work I usually eat two sandwiches with chips and an apple or something else.  I think I just have a skewed vision of what a “meal” actually consists of, even a year-plus into this journey.

Dinner–Mom’s roast with potatoes and carrots…INCREDIBLE.  When I left I walked by the Village Burger Bar, which I’ve never eaten at but it was exuding this amazing smell of grilled beef.  I called home to ask what we were having for dinner, and lo and behold…red meat. Perfect. I had one giant plateful and was sated and happy.

No blog tomorrow…I’m going to be tired. Try not to cry.


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