Day 379–Sorry About That…

There are two reasons I’ve stopped blogging:

1) If I work a double and I don’t get home until 10 or 11 pm, I don’t feel like jumping on here and telling you about my day. I want to sleep.  Sorry if that’s selfish, but its the honest truth.

2) If I work a normal shift, I eat TERRIBLY and feel slightly guilty, and so I don’t want to tell you about my day.  That’s both selfish AND the honest truth.

Since today was my day off (which coincidentally is also weigh-in day) I’ll get back to my normal bloggy happiness. However, this may be it for the week. You’ve been warned.

I hopped on the scale this morning and was pleasantly surprised by…224! I’ve lost two pounds since last week, and while I’m certainly off track for my 215 by 2/19 resolution, its not dead in the water either.  Hopefully I can continue to lose and keep up with everything else that’s been going on, including a MAJOR increase in hours at work. Apparently they like me.

Breakfast–Two pieces of whole wheat toast with Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter and a banana.  Great way to start the morning…I’ll probably do it again tomorrow before work!

Lunch–Two flatbread sandwiches with some black pepper ham, buffalo chicken, and some spinach with a half a serving of pita chips. We watched Jeopardy during lunch and I willingly guessed Willa Cather as the answer to Final Jeopardy…made me feel dirty all over. I despise her writing almost as much as I despise Nathaniel Hawthorne. To put it another way, when studying Dante’s Inferno in high school we were tasked with creating our own hell, complete with levels/layers/whatever.  She got her own little section.

Snack–I had a Dr Pepper while reading for class.  My day off consisted of cleaning, reading, writing papers, and working on some certifications for work. I am a party animal.

Dinner–Two sliders, some sweet potato fries that I accidentally made WAY too hot for the general population, and a side salad. Delicious.

Tomorrow is another day at work…come by Bonnie Ruth’s in Allen if you can!


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