Day 372–Reboot

So yeah, about the whole blogging thing…my bad.  Working doubles while trying to read for classes and keep life in order didn’t leave much time for blogging, and honestly I didn’t eat consistently last week either. Sometimes I’d eat two meals a day, sometimes 3, and occasionally 4 if it was really long.  The good news is that even with my erratic dining and complete lack of real workouts, I still lost .6 lbs this week…down to 226 flat. I’ll take it, and hopefully do better this week with a more consistent schedule.  I still need to get back on track with my exercise though, which is easier said than done with my legs hurting from squats at work and my feet killing me because I didn’t have good shoes until today.  Perhaps by Thursday everything will be back in line…

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats.  I munched on a serving while fixing my lunch and getting ready for work.

Lunch–Peanut butter and strawberry preserve sandwich and part of a loaf of rosemary bread (separate from the sandwich…PB&J on rosemary sounds horrid). I lightly snacked throughout work today because it was slooooooooow.

Dinner–Blue Goose, where I had beef fajitas with grilled mushrooms and green peppers.  It was very good, although the tamales are still better.  I’m just not sure which one is actually healthier…

Tomorrow is another day of work followed by lots of paper writing. Should be a blast!


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