Day 367–Joyeux Anniversaire

Happy Birthday Dad…Love you.

Today was a slower day at work. I realize I’ve only worked there for eight days, and have only gone into work for five of those eight, but this was the first non-training/non-first time alone/non-brunch/non-closing/non-doing something new of those days, and so a bit of a edge was gone.  It was also a Thursday after school started again and there just wasn’t much business.  I’m sure tomorrow (and Saturday and Sunday…) will pick up a lot.  It gave me lots of time to talk to Jonnie and “obsessively clean” as she calls it (much to the chagrin of my mother, I’m sure, who couldn’t get me to clean at all growing up) and organize some things though, so that was nice. And tomorrow I get to work with someone again, which is always more fun and makes things go much more smoothly and much faster.

Breakfast–The second to last bowl of my Cheerios mixture…tomorrow is going to be a sad day.  There was even a single, solitary Apple Cinnamon Cheerio in the bowl to remind me of the good times.

Lunch–Here’s where things get a bit shady.  Since I worked from 10-5, lunch is kind of a “get it when you can” proposition.  Therefore, for lunch today I had a Fiber One bar.  And some tea. Whoops.

Dinner–Birthday dinner!  Ginger steak crostini with caramelized onions, sauteed asparagus, and some skillet potatoes. It was AMAZING. I work around some pretty impressive food, but I’m not sure Mom’s isn’t better.  The really incredible thing is that we eat like this a lot. She’s good people.

Dessert–I got a cupcake. Peanut butter-chocolate. And yes, it was good.

We’ll see about working out tomorrow…my legs are informing me I might have worked out today unintentionally. Time to hit the Aleve…


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