Day 366–Restart

Admittedly, I didn’t behave today like I was coming off a weight-loss high.  I think the idea of “celebrating” got in my head a little bit yesterday, so I didn’t exercise (per se) like I should have.  I did, however, attempt to manage portions…so that’s nice.

I’ve started reading in earnest for my online classes, and I must say…the first book for Biblical Theology sucks. I’m through a book and a half for H2, but the BT book might be the death of me. Or I’ll skim it and move on to the next one…haven’t decided yet.  I think I need to see how the class is going to play out before I know how to allot my time efficiently between the classes and work.

Speaking of work, tonight we ate at Bonnie Ruth’s and I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Ruth. She’s incredibly nice, and the cherry on top is that she’s “heard great things about me.”  When a woman that successful with those recipes hears good things, it’s quite the honor.  Now I just need to keep it up, starting with 33 hrs over the next four days.

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats with a banana.  I forgot how much I like FMW, and they’re pretty darn good for you as well. Lotsa fiber…

Snack–Chocolate Nature Valley bar.  I’m slightly addicted to their chocolatey goodness, but the sugar content is way too high for me to make it a regular occurrence.  Gotta cut back!

Lunch–Two egg omelette w/ sauteed mushrooms, onions, and spaghetti squash.  I glazed them all in a little of the Riesling we got in Evergreen, Colorado at Creekside Cellars, and let me tell you: they were DELICIOUS.  Fantastic omelette, if I do say so myself.

Dinner–Steak Frites at BR’s.  Great steak, fantastic fries, and we even got a crostini appetizer that had a duck/white bean ragout on it that was fantastic.  I do love me some duck.

Dessert–Duh…its Bonnie Ruth’s.  I had about a third of a piece of the caramel coconut pecan cake, which is basically German chocolate cake but with yellow cake instead of chocolate.  Pretty darn good.

Work tomorrow, and my Dad’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Dad!


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