Day 365–Year One

One year. Fifty two weeks. Three hundred and sixty five days.

Three cities (two time zones), three jobs, three homes (soon to be four), a birthday, an anniversary, one season of Cowboys mediocrity, one season of Longhorn mediocrity, one Mavericks championship, one Rangers champi…oops.

And the most important number of them all…21 pounds.

Let me repeat that: TWENTY ONE POUNDS.

At this point last year, I was the biggest I have ever been. I was pushing 250, a completely unfathomable number in high school when I was 165 dripping wet.  I was lazy, I was unmotivated, and I was eating anything and everything someone put near me, and usually the leftovers from others as well.  My back hurt, my clothes didn’t fit, I would sweat walking to my car (Thank you Houston…) and I was putting my health at risk. I was sick, I just didn’t know it.

And then the work began.

Twenty one pounds may not seem like much to you, and in reality, it’s not.  I’m still 16 pounds from my goal weight, and then countless hours of shaping and muscle work after that to really make myself “healthy.”   I’ve had some horrendous ups and downs and my weight has rollercoastered (new word, made it up myself) like the polls in GOP primaries.  But I’ve lost twenty one pounds and I will cherish each and every one of them.

Thank you for following me, for reading my ramblings, and for the support you have all lent me. I know there are people who read this because I’m entertaining, because they’re intrigued by my food creations/choices, and because they’re genuinely worried about my health, but I needed the thoughts and prayers of every single one of you to get this done.  And if you’re reading this for the first time today, welcome to the ride.

Here’s to Year Two.

(WARNING: The following blog entry will contain “celebration” food. I ate…well…today.)

Breakfast–Vanilla Almond Crunch Bare Naked granola with a banana.  Low cal (for granola) and decent fiber and protein.  It was filling!

Snack–Dark Chocolate Nature Valley bars.  Those things are AMAZING…better chocolate than the Fiber One bars, but not as healthy.  I think there’s a good balance in there, but today I wanted something sweet.

Lunch–Celebration Part One–Red Hot and Blue.  We had a barbecue feast, with a little pulled pork, a little turkey, a little brisket, and half a sausage link.  Sides were barbecue beans and okra. Not healthy, but it could have been even more disastrous. As celebrations go, this one was tame.

Dinner–Homemade chili and a coke (Celebration Part Two).  My mom’s chili is the best, and even though I almost screwed it up, it was still delicious. I’m not sure how to put that into my calorie tracker though (same deal with the BBQ) so today is going be a little off. Oh well.

Dessert–Celebration Part Three–I made more cherry chocolate chip cookies, or Black Forest cookies as I’ll call them from here out.  Wonderful cookies…perhaps the best I’ve ever made.

The work schedule got a bit mixed up, so I’m actually not going in tomorrow. But on the bright side I get to work all weekend, which is nice for the paychecks.

Thanks again for following me!

P.S.–HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!  I’m proud of my little sister…she’s the best.


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