Day 364–Getting Close…

My sincerest apologies for not blogging and reporting back on work yesterday.  We were having such a raucous party with Leah here that I just ran out of time…

Actually, we went to be at 9 pm. I was exhausted. #signsyoureold

Work went really well. It was tough and certainly stressful, but I learned a lot and was able to really help out, so I feel good about the process. If you can spare a moment for my co-worker Mel, she lost a loved one recently, which is why I got called up to the big leagues (i.e. Sunday brunch).  My parents and Abby came up to enjoy the brunch (reports are that its the best brunch they’ve ever had…which is saying a LOT) and stopped by in the bakery to say hello as I was running amok trying to get things ready–probably my worst hospitality moment so far. They have to love me though, so its okay.

Tomorrow is the big weigh-in…I will admit I cheated and weighed myself this morning too, and if I can maintain over the next 24 hours I might cry. In a good way.  It’s been a long year, but worth every drop of sweat, every sacrifice, every screw up, and every pound lost. And tomorrow we party!

Breakfast–Cheerio mixture of love. We’ve now reached the Multigrain/Honey Nut stage, but I got one or two Apple Cinnamon surprises in this one…its like a game for breakfast!

Exercise–I ripped off a mile run/walk just to get my blood moving, but my legs are absolutely destroyed from work.  Getting things in and out of the display case, walking around, standing for hours on end…very, very sore.  But I feel much better now, and the calorie trade off basically erased breakfast.  I love removing meals from my daily totals.

Lunch–Omelette made with leftovers: spaghetti squash from the other night, and then taco meat, black beans, and red pepper from our taco salad. It was really good, but I needed some asparagus or something green to brighten it all up.  Good meal.

Dinner–Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. I don’t eat gravy, so ours is always made with the gravy on the side (which I guess technically makes it not Pot Pie, but its still chicken, pastry, and vegetables, so who cares), making it much healthier.  On the side we had some green beans steamed with some garlic and lemon. Delicious.

Dessert–Inevitably our conversations these days turn to pastry and baked goods from my job, and after we discussed brunch, cake, and dessert crepes for thirty minutes we were all craving something a little sweet.  I made my chocolate chip cherry cookies (some without cherries for Abby) and had one and a half to take the sweet edge off.  They were GOOOOD.

Tomorrow I get to take Leah and her brother to the airport, we’re taking another load of stuff to the house, and then we have ourselves a little celebration!

And most importantly, tomorrow is Jenna’s birthday. Happy Birthday sis! Love you!


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