Day 362–No Rest For The Weary

I worked my first real shift last night, hence the lack of bloggage. My bad loyal followers…I’ll make it up to you by being extra entertaining tonight. My promise to you, or your money back. *Wink*

Work went well.  We cleared out the cupcakes, the croissants, an entire cheesecake, had to constantly go to the back to get more goodies…it was very successful.  Working with Sam was great, because when we would get slammed, we could divide and conquer.  Occasionally we had the customer who was very interested in our products (read as: They talked. A lot.) and having someone else there meant we could devote our full attention and know we wouldn’t get too far behind.  It was supposed to be my last day of work until Wednesday, except they needed someone to fill in tomorrow so I’m heading in to face the Sunday Brunch crowd.  I hear its insane…like Houston will be tonight after the playoff win. I’ll be sure to report back tomorrow with my discoveries.

The reason I say no rest for the weary is that after working last night, I was WIRED.  Couldn’t sleep at all.  I think there must be a fair amount of caffeine in their Pineapple-Mango tea, because that’s all I consumed and it powered me for a good 3 hours after work. After I finally did fall asleep, the psychotic squirrels that like to hideout in our attic noticed the weather was changing and went crazy, running laps back and forth right above our heads.  Woke me up nice and early…punk rodents.  I should sleep nice and sound tonight before getting up to go play with pastry.  Life’s pretty good.

Breakfast–Half of a Bonnie Ruth’s raspberry muffin (very good) and a double fiber english muffin with black raspberry-jalapeno jelly.  Good breakfast, although it wasn’t enough because I didn’t eat dinner last night. By lunchtime I was in bad shape with my energy levels and blood sugar. Poor planning.

Morning Activity–Amy and Robbie Miller were driving through Dallas on their way to drop Amy off at OCU and we were lucky enough to merit a pit stop. Of course, it could have been the Starbucks…but I’ll take the credit myself. I refrained from getting anything at the Franchise.

Snack–(This is starting to sound like a Kindergarten lesson plan.)  Apple Crisp granola bar.  Thankfully, Mom had a granola bar at the new house so we stopped by to help unload things and I refueled. Felt MUCH better afterwards.

Lunch–Mr. G’s deli tuna salad sandwich. Threw it on a little sourdough and I was very happy…such a great sandwich. Upon closing last night I was “saddled” with some leftovers…cookies, macaroons, cheesecake, cake, muffins, etc. I ate half of the half of a slice of cheesecake I brought home for dessert, then took one bite each of the cookie (delicious) and the macaroons (good, but really rich). If I keep coming home with an entire display case then our diets are doomed.

Dinner–Taco Salad with beef taco meat, red peppers, black beans with caramelized onions, and salad greens.  It was really REALLY good. More beans and veggies, less meat. Excellent salad.

Dessert–Half of a piece of Lemon-Strawberry Chiffon cake. Again…lots of baked deliciousness.

Tomorrow Leah comes to play! Woohoo!  Enjoy your Sunday.


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