Day 360–The Deep End

While in Abilene for Christmas, the cousins sat around telling stories about how we used to abuse the tar out of each other…lovingly, of course. Duct taping people to trees, locking them out of the house, running around on the roof to annoy babysitters…we were kids. It happens.  We also talked about how we “abused” Molly, the youngest of the Earles, by dropping her in the pool when we would all go swimming.  None of us have any recollection of this besides Molly mind you, but she swears it happened.  We also talked about my dad teaching us to swim, usually by putting us in the water and saying “Alright…swim.”  (It sounds harsh, but it wasn’t…he’s a strong swimmer and knew what he was doing. We swim very well now.)

I tell that story because that’s what basically happened at work today.  We got slammed at lunch, my trainer needed to go help with the line and food prep, and so I was in the bakery…alone.  Made coffee for the first time ever by myself (and it wasn’t returned…score!), prepared desserts for people, managed to-go orders, all without a nearby safety net.  Now, had something gone wrong there were half a dozen people who could have (and would have) happily helped me, but it very much felt like learning to swim. And what do you know…I didn’t drown. First real day of work is tomorrow. Dinner at Bonnie Ruth’s anyone?

Breakfast–Peak Protein granola from Bear Naked with some fresh blueberries. Same goal as yesterday, different results. I definitely ate more than one bite of cake today. Whoops. (It was more like 6…not that bad overall.)

Lunch–A steak pizza.  I know it sounds weird, but trust me–IT WAS DELICIOUS.  Balsamic marinated tomatoes, roasted green peppers, roasted portobello mushrooms, and tender sirloin.  Fantastic pizza, and I only ate half (about two pieces of a delivery sized pizza). Score.

Dinner–My mom roasted some rosemary citrus chicken from Market Street alongside a spaghetti squash Kathy gave us (Thanks Kathy!) and I made lemon-garlic roasted broccoli and cauliflower.  Healthy, delicious, and there’s enough squash leftover for a cracking omelette in the morning. I’m excited about it!

Pre-workout snack–Fluffer-Nutter. I’m addicted…too bad I used all the marshmallow creme. Withdrawal time.

Exercise–Ran/Walked 15 minutes…just wasn’t feeling it today.  I think I’m not used to being on my feet so it wears me out quicker. Dunno.

Tomorrow we get a TON of new stuff for the house as I work my first dinner shift. Should be a party.

And oh yeah…five days?!


2 thoughts on “Day 360–The Deep End

  1. What are you doing putting our escapades online for everyone to read?! 🙂 You make us sound like the most EVIL children ever… but those were some AWESOME stories. Love you, and so proud of your first crazy lunch slam survival!

  2. Katey – haha. you should hear some of the escapades of Abbys family.. you might start to wonder about our parents..

    Hooray for the job going well! I’d come to dinner if I could!

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